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ArtLine is constantly diversifying! And if you liked our different holds and volumes, you’ll love our free-standing climbing wall! In keeping with the high standards our brand is known for, we have designed a product with precision finishes that guarantee durability and safe climbing. Design is always a key consideration for us, and we have paid particular attention to the aesthetics of the product and the materials used to make sure it blends in perfectly in your home.

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French design

Training at home has never been so popular with wider use of training apparatus and private walls.  At ArtLine we have our ear to the ground when it comes to new trends, so we decided to create the Homewall.  Thanks to its free-standing structure and adjustable angle, no need for a load-bearing wall.  You can set it up anywhere: in the house, the apartment, the garage or even the office.  No need to be a DIY expert either, it’s as easy to put together as Swedish flatpack furniture.  With family or friends, whether you want to play or train hard, now you can climb at home!

Play at Home /
Train at Home

The Homewall is ideal for climbing sessions with families or friends. Whether for fun or training, now you can experience the joys and benefits of climbing at home.


Climbing at home is growing in popularity.  As we shared this observation with Optimur and T-wall, we decided to pool our respective skillsets in order to create a structure that would meet the demand.  With Optimur, we came up with a 3D design that proved the concept, then served as a starting point for our supplier T-wall to build the first prototypes using digitally operated machinery.  After quite a bit of back-and-forth and much testing, we were able to finalise the drawings and the calculation note attesting to resistance to stress.  Finally, the Homewall was certified by an approved design office agency as meeting all necessary safety standards.

We called on the expertise of Optimur to design the Homewall.  The Grenoble-based company started manufacturing climbing walls in 2019.  Carpenter and climbing instructor Pascal Trividic had the idea. He joined forces with Maxime Mathieu, an engineer and designer, to provide tailor-made structures mainly intended for private individuals.  The duo works well together, with Maxime designing and approving the plans, while Pascal takes care of installation and maintenance.


A sleek design that fits in to any kind of space. Its PU coating protects the surface for longer service life, and keeps the scuff marks down too!
The Homewall is made from certified ecolabel (FSC) hardwood plywood.  The reinforced frame keeps the entire structure stable, ensuring maximum safety.


Difficulty can be adjusted by increasing the angle (between 15 and 30°).
The maximum height (2.5 m) fits to the standard ceiling height (2.5m)
The climbing area has been optimized (32 inserts/m²) with a rounded edge at the top of the structure.


How to build
a Homewall?

It’s as easy to put together as Swedish furniture, you just need to follow the instruction! See for yourself!


To complete the offer, we designed all-included packs: holds, volumes and screws adapted to the Homewall. Two levels are available beginner and intermediate. Setting instructions are downloadable here.


Some pictures :

The product can be on sale through our distributors. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want more information or if you want to book yours!

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