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« Collective intelligence, supporting innovation »

Our world
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Who are we?

Our story:

Our story is closely linked to Brice Anziutti’s career.  He created ArtLine in 2011, with the pioneering idea of breaking with the conventional codes that were originally inspired by outdoor climbing.  Rather than imitating rock, the hold’s design should inspire people to want to climb. ArtLine gradually emerged as a leading brand and initiated a transition in the sport, with a clear break between indoor and outdoor climbing.

Over the last 10 years, many new brands have come on to the market, but we have stayed true to our baseline: « Unique Shapes » This approach enables us to remain original, with regular launches of creative, innovative products.  Over time, Brice has succeeded in bringing together a collective of setters.  Little by little he has trained some of them in the craft of shaping, passing on his expertise.  The setters can then push the boundaries of their creativity, sculpting holds to suit their setting. In 2019, we brought them together to form ArtLab.  As part of this new departure, we decided to rethink our visual identity.  It represents the beginning of a new era that we want to share with you.

« Collective intelligence, supporting innovation »

The brand’s mainstays


We keep our ear to the ground when it comes to trends, so that we can challenge the codes of traditional climbing.  We focus our energy on inventing the climbing of tomorrow, exploring new technologies such as modelling or 3D printing.  Aware of environmental issues, we are taking an ecological turn, creating partnerships to foster sustainable development in climbing.


ArtLine is always listening to the climbing community, our source of inspiration.  We have built up a collective of setters, ArtLab, which is immersed in the world of climbing halls and competitions.   They relay your wishes and demands.  Through them, we want to share your passion for climbing and pass on our expertise, developing products to suit your needs.


ArtLine is a story about shapers and their passion.  Our manual work is the essence of our craft and the extension of our artistic sensitivity.  Agility is required to sculpt inert blocks of foam and bring them to life.  Passion is required to create holds by imagining your movements and enjoyment when climbing on them.


ArtLine demands the best to ensure your satisfaction.  We are intransigent when it comes to quality: priority is given to our products’ durability and technical qualities.  Thanks to the feedback from our setters’ collective, we are constantly looking for ways to improve.  We are striving for the perfect product, while taking care to keep prices affordable.


ArtLine is above all a human adventure for a close-knit team of four people, flourishing collectively and individually.  Brice, the founder, has taken on board colleagues that he knows personally, and involves them, forging a real team spirit.  This working environment promotes a sense of initiative and flexibility, so that together we can undertake ambitious projects.