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Pack Speed Kid

At last, thanks to ArtLine, children have speed holds that are tailored to their size! The shape is based on the official IFSC holds, but in a smaller size and with more pronounced grips. The pack includes 12 XL and 4 S to make a route from 8 to 10 meters.

Our world

ArtLine is the story of Brice Anziutti, a man with a passion for shaping.

He created ArtLine in 2011 with the pioneering notion that instead of imitating rock, the hold’s design should inspire people to want to climb. Over time, Brice brought together a collective of setters and taught them how to shape, passing on his expertise. These setters can now push the boundaries of their creativity by sculpting holds to suit their setting. Through them, ArtLine is listening to your requirements and keeping an eye on trends so that together we can shape the future of climbing.



Official provider

1300 holds and 80 volumes

French design

Available in 23 countries