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Jugs M/L 2

The TribeLine Jugs range is a new step on setting for beginners, which is often reduced to jugs in a ladder-like layout. Christophe Picard put all his shaper expertise to work, creating comfortable holds that make climbing accessible but still technical  and fun.  The types of grip are varied and have subtle differences that help beginners to develop their gestural range.  A single design, in all sorts of different sizes, can be used to create boulder problems, or to tempt new climbers with themed routes.

More info about TribeLine Jugs

French design
  • Size : M/L
  • Number of holds : 10
  • Grip : jug
  • Material : polyester
  • Weight : 7,9 kg
  • CHC 50 mm 5
  • CHC 70 mm 5
Green RAL 6002
Yellow Pantone 116C
Red RAL 3020
Blue RAL 5015
Violet RAL 4008
Grey RAL 7001
Orange RAL 2004
Black RAL 9005
White RAL 9016
Fluo Orange Pantone 805C
Fluo Rose Pantone 806C
Fluo Yellow RAL 1026
Fluo Green Pantone 802C