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It’s all about jugs

TribeLine Jugs, a range entirely made up of jugs: 130 comfortable jugs that make climbing accessible, technical and not forgetting… fun !

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French design

We got the idea for TribeLine Jugs because we observed that route setting for beginners is too often neglected by climbing halls, who focus instead on the higher levels of difficulty. Some setters get it, while others make do with using jugs in a ladder layout.  And yet these novices represent the majority of a new wave of urban enthusiasts that the halls are looking to convert and retain.


As a climbing holds manufacturer, we thought ArtLine had a role to play, creating holds that would make climbing easy without leaving out the technical and fun aspects.

And to make it happen we called on the experience and talent of Christophe Picard


Christophe started shaping for himself in 1993, and then professionally from 1995.  Since then, he spends most of his time shaping, planing, sanding, drilling… thousands of holds that are enjoyed by climbers the world over.  His shaping style isn’t about performance; it’s about sharing his passion with as many people as possible.

Christophe lives in Fontainebleau, and that’s where he gets his inspiration.  He loves to climb there of course, but also to walk around looking for new ideas.  His keen eye spots subtleties in the rock that he sometimes recreates in his shapes.  He has explored the forest so much that it has become his secret garden: he knows all the spots, the boulders and their beta… Always happy to share his love of the place, he will gladly provide advice, while raising awareness regarding respect for the environment among the urban climbers

Thanks to this partnership, we are proud to present the first range of jugs that is aimed specifically at beginners.


Different types of grip, with technical subtleties (closed vs open sided, flat jugs, positive jugs) help develop the gestural range.


Flat jugs mean the hold has to be squeezed (use of the thumb).  A first step before moving on to more technical holds.


Comfortable holds that fit the shape of the hand, that aren’t painful or scary!


Positive jugs mean beginners can climb on all types of walls, even the steepest overhangs.


130 shapes with the same design, in all sizes (S to XXL) for creating routes/problems on a theme that are visually striking.