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Pack Speed Kid

As part of the Artline’s partnership with the FFME (French Mountaineering and Climbing Federation), Corentin Le Goff chose our Speed Kid Pack to design an official speed route for children, sized specifically for their training needs.

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French design


2004, France. Jacky Godoffe dreamt up the first speed wall, using one type of hold (6B grade) : two identical routes, with two climbers competing simultaneously. Jacky Godoffe’s first speed hold was shaped by Patrick Roux.

In 2007 the IFSC certified the official 10 and 15 metre routes that were to become the playground for a long line of champions.

The discipline has never stopped developing and growing in popularity, with the high point so far the Olympic games in Tokyo in 2021. At time of writing the official world records on the 15m wall are 5.009 secs for the men 6.53 secs for the women.

Almost ten years later, the FFME, represented by Corentin Le Goff, has selected ArtLine’s Speed Kid pack to design the children’s speed route. The holds will be used from 2023 at national and regional levels in U12 and U14 official speed competitions in France.


Developed in partnership with the FFME, the Speed Kid pack comprises 12 x XL holds and 4 x S holds for an 8-metre wall with a 5° angle. While originally the idea was to place them differently each time so as to improve young climbers’ route-reading skills, but a few sessions with the youngsters made Corentin Le Goff favour a unique, official route.

the hold

The children’s speed hold replicates the official IFSC hold in a smaller size and with a more pronounced grip. Designed for children’s hands, there is a wider flat area and a deeper jug.




The design for the layout of the holds is also based on the official adult version, the aim being to introduce the youngest age groups (U10, U12, U14) to the discipline and to start them training.

The Speed Kid pack makes it possible to train in dual format, which is essential as they progress to U16. It prepares the young climbers for the adult version, improving their speed, motricity and coordination.

The aim of Speed Kid pack is to train tomorrow’s champions by enabling them to learn how to work on the official route.

In the field

Speed Kid pack at training camp

On November 27, Corentin Le Goff, Jacky Godoffe and Anouck Jaubert ran a national training camp with some budding champions, using ArtLine Speed Kid pack: an opportunity for the young climbers to discover the discipline and try out holds that were designed just for them!

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