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FatLine : a range for the gyms 2.0

Brice Anziutti goes LARGE with his new FatLine products! Vortex, Abyss, Blade, Mercy XXXL DT... So many possibilities with these bold shapes in (very) LARGE formats!

News > FatLine : a range for the gyms 2.0
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Atome, Annecy: a prototype of the modern gym where climbing is being reinvented, urban, aesthetic, explosive. This climbing gym 2.0 is also a cosy place where people come to chat, work, climb, eat … in other words live! The boulders are next to the coworking space and the restaurant.


As indoor climbing is really taking off, climbers are now looking for climbing HQs, where they can have a beer and a burger between bouldering sessions. In this laboratory of contemporary climbing, the setters screw on fibreglass macros and reinvent their sport with refined, dynamic, aerial movements.





ArtLine is a manufacturer and a trendsetter, and saw an opportunity to bring the FatLine range up to date! These new types of movements inspire Brice, who shapes audacious macros, then Clément Lechaptois and Nicolas Mattuzzi try out setting with them. Just what you need for progressive climbing.





The whole body has to be called on to find a delicate balance on the Vortex, Abyss, Blade and Mercy holds. The variety of grips extends the range of movements, for aesthetic and precise climbing.


On the peaks and in the troughs of these 5 wave-shaped Vortex holds, the grained surface provides crimps, slopers and pinches depending on finger position, for a delicate balance. The Dual’s smooth edges require surgical precision.


You have to dig deep in the craters to find the grip, with your fingertips, and use your whole body to try to find your balance. The smooth sides are very unforgiving.


Where you find a pinch on these very versatile full-texture macros depends on your finger strength and size!



Our most famous macros are back in XXXL format and Dual Texture! The Mercy range enables the creation of aesthetic problems, where every grip is a surprise depending on the depth of the jug, or the grain on the sloper. The dual texture makes for tricky problems!


FatLine new holds

at Atome

Setters Clément Lechaptois and Nicolas Mattuzzi tried setting out with our new FatLine holds!



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