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Breath of fresh air

28/04/2020 : ArtLine wears a new visual identity

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Bring ArtLine’s image up to date… this project had been gathering dust for a few years!  But it kept coming to mind every time we visited the old website, which hadn’t changed since its creation in 2013.  A bit like that old comfy chair that doesn’t match any of the rest of your furniture… a tad embarrassing, but there by necessity.

« It’s time for a spring clean! » our graphic designer Lionel Etienne would complain.

But we were too busy restructuring our 2nd ArtLine entity:


2019 marked the beginning of a new phase and we finally got started on the project.  But projects require a methodology!  So we called in All Triangles, a marketing agency that specialises in the outdoor field.  Their process was simple and consistent: redefine the visual identify based on the personalities of those involved in the brand, especially the director Brice Anziutti.  The result came quite naturally:

Brice is a modern craftsman, working with a collective to shape holds that make people want to climb.

We then had to communicate that visually.  In keeping with our minimalist logo, we’ve gone predominantly for sleek black and white photos, with background drawings.  This moodboard represents the ArtLine collective’s reality: shape, climb, share, think…  To make the whole thing pop we’ve inlcuded some bright notes: turquoise and fuschia.  Then we added the final touch with whimsical avatars to express Brice’s inspiration.