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Shaped to be recycled

A first in the history of indoor climbing, ArtLine is marketing recyclable and recycled holds!

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A green sport, but a dirty industry

Indoor climbing has its roots in nature, and this is reflected in the ecological awareness of even the most urban climbers. Despite this, climbing holds are made from thermosetting plastic, which has a horrendous environmental impact.

To give you an idea, 1 kg of polyurethane holds emits 11.84 kg of C02. In other words, one hold = a 50 to 100 km journey in a petrol-driven car. In addition, there is currently no process for disposing of them. For the most part, they are thrown in the skip and either buried or incinerated.

« We estimate that 7 million end-of-life holds are thrown away every year. »



Their solution makes it possible to produce holds from recycled materials, as well as to recycle them again at the end of their lifespan. Once collected, the holds are sorted, crushed and recycled into future generations of holds.  All without affecting the quality of the grain or the durability of the product. In terms of safety, their holds meet standard EN 12572-3.

Ghold has the golden ticket !

Ghold was founded in 2021 by 3 young climbers: Hugo, Sébastien and Benoit. Having just qualified and with the support of the Savoie Technolac incubator, they embarked on 3 years of research to develop a bold process using recyclable thermoplastic injection moulding. Thanks to their infectious energy, they succeeded in raising the necessary capital to industrialise their process.

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Their path crosses Artline’s

As we are concerned about our environmental impact and looking for new technologies to invent the climbing of tomorrow, we naturally decided to transfer part of our production to Ghold, starting with our best-seller, the Mercy holds, in smaller sizes: S to L.

Artline is making an ecological transition

The process

The holds that Ghold manufactures can be recycled up to 10 times. They can be identified by a logo on the side of the hold. A QR code on the back ensures traceability. Holds are returned by simply scanning the QR code and printing out a free return slip. This system will be in operation from December 2023.


The Little Mercys

We start this eco friendly production with our best seller range : the Mercy, we decline in lower sizes : from the XS to L.

Discover this recyclable range.