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Triamid DT

Pack Triamid S2 DT + Adjuster DT

ArtLine is proud to introduce an innovative concept with this range: packs of similar volumes that sit on their complementary bases. These adjusters can then be used to modify the angle or accentuate the relief of the volumes. By rotating them in relation to each other, it is also possible to adjust the relief or areas of grip slightly through the Dual Texture. The possibilities are endless!

Triamids are triangular-based pyramids and are available in 3 sizes: S, M and L

Produits > Volumes > Triamid DT > Pack Triamid S2 DT + Adjuster DT
French design
  • Size : S,M / 30x30x5 cm / Adjuster : 80x55x8 + 80x50x10
  • Material : plywood DT
  • Weight :  kg
  • VBA 70 mm 23
Grey RAL 7038
Black RAL 9011
White RAL 9003
Green RAL 6017
Yellow RAL 1023
Red RAL 2002
Blue RAL 5015
Orange RAL 1028