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Mercy L1 DT

Recyclable production by Ghold in thermoplastic. Holds to send back thanks to the QR code at the back, they will then be sorted, crushed and recycled in a new production. More info

The ProLine range is designed to meet the requirements of bouldering and lead competitions. These are technical holds with subtle grips, requiring sometimes minute foot and hand adjustments before finding the optimal position. All sorts of combinations are possible, so the setters can give free rein to their creativity.

Produits > Holds / Macros > ProLine > Mercy L1 DT
French design
  • Size : L
  • Number of holds : 5
  • Grip : crimp
  • Material: Thermoplastic TP (recyclable), Dual texture
  • Weight : 0.78 kg
  • VBA 50mm 15
Green US 16-16
Yellow Pantone 116C
Red RAL 3020
Blue RAL 5015
Violet RAL 4008
Black RAL 9005
White RAL 9010
Fluo Orange
Fluo Pink
Fluo Green
Fluo Yellow