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Slices XL

Following the success of our Slopes in international competitions, Mike Fuselier is back with a new range of incline adjusters: the Slices. In contrast to the Slopes, the Slices are in length which makes it possible to screw on longer holds or to use them on narrower surfaces.

More info about the Slices

French design
  • Size : XXL
  • Number of holds : 5
  • Grip : sloper, incline adjuster 10°-15°-20°-25°-30°
  • Material : fibreglass (GRP), back in plywood
  • Weight : 3.9 kg

  • VBA 50 mm 20
Green RAL 6018
Yellow RAL 1018
Red RAL 3000
Blue RAL 5015
Purple S 4050-R60B
Grey RAL 7001
Black RAL 9005
White RAL 9016
Pink RAL 4003
Orange RAL 1033