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Micro adjust your holds

Following on from the success of the Slopes and Slices, Brice decided to take the concept of slope adjusters even further, with the Micro Adjusters.

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French design

The Legacy

Since their creation in 2021 and 2022, the Slopes and Slices have made their mark at national and international competitions, as seen here at the Innsbruck World Cup and the Olympic Qualification Tournament in Laval.

Initially intended to be supports for holds or volumes, the setters had other ideas !

As the setters became more familiar with them, the Slices and Slopes were used as holds in their own right, with the special advantage of providing just the right angle. Often used on friction slabs, whether flat or as slopers for the feet, they provided some great climbing moments!

The finished concept

But Brice isn’t done yet! Working with our 3D developer, Elliot, they modelled the ultimate slope adjuster! It uses the basic idea, but in a more radical version – the Micro Adjusters are completely smooth! So now, they are strictly for their originally-intended use.

Depending on the hold (s)he wants to use, the setter can choose from 4 Adjuster sizes, and 6 Adjuster angles, to get precisely the amount of grip and therefore level of difficulty they want for the movement. If the screw-on hold doesn’t fill the entire gap, a plug can be added and screwed into.


4 sizes (XS to L) / 6 angles (10 to 40°)

100% smooth to highlight the screw-on hold

Size and angle engraved

A central hollow to avoid piercing the Micro Adjuster

A set of plugs to fill the gap if the screw-on hold is too small