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Our iconic range is renewed by a renowned shaper

The Mercy range is our best seller. Previously available in XXL and XXXL, Mercy holds now come in XS, S, M, L and XL!

News > Our iconic shape renewed by a renowned shaper
French design

A must-have shape

You’re bound to have climbed on them – they’re everywhere, with their instantly recognizable banana design.

Mercy are a must!

Created in 2019, thanks to an ingenious idea by Brice, they stand out thanks to their unique shape, and have more or less grip, so they can pack a few surprises! The name is a play on words between (have) Mercy and merci, French for thank you.



The same but smaller

Brice wanted to stick to the original shape, but with different grips, so that setters could invent 100% Mercy routes or boulders. A challenge that required a renowned shaper, such as Simon Favrot. He’s revisited the Mercy range, inventing footholds, pinches, slopers, crimps and edges! A real renaissance, but still in keeping with the concept of varied grip quality, so that setters can pitch the difficulty.

Dual Texture too! But that wasn’t enough for Brice, who asked Simon to add some dual texture. It was a long and meticulous process, which sometimes had to be started over to meet the high standards ArtLine is known for.


And the icing on the cake is that we have turned their manufacture over to Ghold, who make recycled and recyclable holds. When they have given you their all, you can send them back to be crushed and then put back into the production process for a new lifecycle.


What more could you ask for?

Oh yes, that they are validated by Julia Chanourdie! Ah, in fact it’s done… . Thank you to her for coming and testing them in Artline!