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Within the ArtLab, Mike Fuselier creates a new concept with the Slopes. These incline adjusters enable route setters to set easily and precisely the grip.

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French design

The Slopes range was inspired by the experience of the French team trainer, Mike Fuselier.

It’s the first collaboration to come out of the ArtLab: a collective of setters that ArtLine is training in the art of shaping so that they can explore their creativity to the full.

Slopes come in several angles (10°, 15°, 20°, 25°, 30°), making it possible to reduce or increase the incline of an overhang.

It’s the famous INCLINE ADJUSTER concept. It means the same hold can become more or less tricky, as the angle of the structure changes.


  1. Slopes are circular holds that come in different sizes (S to XXXL).
  2. Micro holds or other Slopes can be screwed on their flat surface, to assemble different shapes.
  3. One of the edges is straight, so as to align perfectly with the edges of volumes or structures
  4. The 9mm plywood board at the back provides durability, and support for the screws, without adding weight
  5. The Slopes are also available in oversizes in diameter 120 cm and 90 cm with the Slopes Mega