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Slopes In Moscow

20-29/11/2020 : European Championships 2020

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Despite the COVID 19 epidemic, and widespread lockdowns in Europe, there was a window for organising the European championships in Moscow. And the organisers made the most of it!

Vincent de Girolamo, one of the ArtLab routesetters, was appointed to set for the competition so, with the agreement of the Russian federation, we slipped a couple of Slopes into his suitcase! Result: they were used in both the men’s lead and the women’s combined finals.

The stars of the discipline were not present, but stakes were still high: a qualification for the Tokyo Olympic games was up for grabs. And in that respect, the Russian Victoria Meshkova was the revelation of the competition. At only 19 years od, she won 3 events: bouldering, lead and the combined, and booked her ticket for Tokyo!

Here are the replays, can you spot the Slopes?