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The ArtBoard

An ostheopath, a profesional climber and a geek create the ideal hangboard !

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French design

The ArtBoard hang board is the proud achievement of a multi-faceted team with a shared passion: progression as the key to climbing harder… in short, a bunch of training addicts!  The remit was simple: to come up with the ideal hang board.  One that will help make you stronger!


Jérémie Cogan is an osteopath, whose practice is in Fontainebleau, so he can also ‘practise’ his strong bouldering skills. His speciality: ergonomics.  He helped us design a hang board that respects the body’s natural shape.


Clément Lechaptois is a high-level professional climber, with a proven reputation!  This seasoned traveller has been all over the world looking for the best boulders, up to 8c.  His obsession: the perfect hold.  He helped us select the must-have grips, or as he puts it ‘the purest ones’.
Elliot Defrenne is studying materials engineering.  Having spent all his spare time “geeking” on CAD and 3D modelling software, he has become an expert at it.  His super power: 3D.  He literally gave shape to our requirements in terms of design, perfect grips, and ergonomics.


These 3 passionate climbers knew how to make the board unique for the following reasons :

  • The board is asymmetrical: there is a gap of 40 cm between each similar hold so that the wrists and shoulders are working at their natural angle.
  • The grips are comfortable and favour extended positions: their curve radius is studied to increase comfort
  • The central bridge can be used for attaching elastic bands or other training tools. It’s also possible to do « one-arm pull-ups » only if you can…
  • The grips are positioned in overhanging layers, so there are fewer pressure points on the wrists.
  • The board was designed thanks to 3D technology and made with 5-axis machining. The finish is flawless and aesthetically pleasing.