Flat Triamid XL2 DT - Artline Holds
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Flat Triamid DT

Flat Triamid XL2 DT

The Flat Triamid is a range of super-flat triangular volumes, ideally designed for bouldering. Their highly streamlined shape means they can add a hint of raised surface for ultra-precise gestures.

Their dual-texture version offers an even more challenging climb, with one slippery face out of three.

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French design
  • Size : XL /150x115x10 cm
  • Material : plywood DT
  • Weight :  kg
  • VBA 70 mm 5
Grey RAL 7038
Black RAL 9011
White RAL 9003
Green RAL 6017
Yellow RAL 1023
Red RAL 2002
Blue RAL 5015
Orange RAL 1028